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Plantsville Root Canal

Root Canal Therapy in Plantsville You may not be excited exactly about the idea of having root canal therapy, but it’s a far better option than losing your tooth to an extraction. And because we make use of cutting-edge equipment and modern techniques here at Southington Dentistry, there is absolutely no reason for you to… Read more »

06479 Dental Office

Teeth whitening in 06479 If your teeth are stained, discolored, or simply dull, turn to us at Southington Dentistry, where you can have whitening treatment at our 06479 dental office, use our handy take-home option, or combine them for the ultimate in long-lasting results. The teeth whitening procedure at our 06479 dental office means applying… Read more »

06479 Dentist

Dental Emergencies in 06479 When you’re suffering with a toothache, whether it is mild at the moment or has become excruciating, you can depend on us at Southington Dentistry. When it comes to emergencies, we offer urgent care to ensure that you get prompt treatment from our 06479 dentist. Most of the time, there are… Read more »

Plantsville Dental Office

Preventive Care in Plantsville If the goal is to keep those teeth functioning in proper order, sticking by your side for the long haul, then you’ll need to make it a point to commit to preventive care. Part of those efforts involves biannual dental visits. So don’t hesitate to contact Southington Dentistry. Swing by our… Read more »

06479 Affordable Dentist

Affordable Dental Care in 06479 Large home? Oh, no…that means you’re probably juggling a myriad of household needs. No fun. If that’s the situation you find yourself in, then it’s definitely time to find a one-stop-shop that meets all requests for dental care. Where could such a place exist? You found it at Southington Dentistry…. Read more »