Jaw Disorders

TMD, TMJ & Jaw Disorders

If your jaw aches or gets stuck when you open your mouth wide, you may have a jaw disorder. Unfortunately, many adults go several years without seeking treatment for jaw pain, not knowing that they have treatment options, and not knowing that this condition may worsen over time.

You Have Options

Dr. Salesky assesses temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and makes appropriate appliances, as well as recommends medication and palliative care. Surgery is almost never done today, and tmj surgery is even less common, even by oral surgeons.

If you have a concern about dental pain or pain in your jaw, find TMJ relief at our dental office in Plantsville by calling (860) 628-5029. We serve patients in Bristol, Southington, Plainville, Wolcott and nearby!

Jaw Disorder & TMD Symptoms

If you’ve ever gone to the doctor for headaches or neck pain and received care that provided only temporary relief, the unknown source of your symptoms may lay closer to your smile than you think.
Have you experienced:

  • chronic or recurring headaches or neck aches?
  • pain or tingling sensations throughout the arms or hands?
  • a jaw that locks or “gets stuck” when you yawn or open the mouth?
  • general soreness in the jaw or sensitive teeth?

It May Be The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

TMJ pain, known clinically as TMJ disorder (TMD) is one of the most common chronic and debilitating disorders in the jaw. If your jaw is sore, gets stuck often, or “pops” when you open or close the mouth, it could be an issue in your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ.

What is TMJ?

The TMJ is the joint that connects your lower jaw to the skull, and controls your chewing and speaking abilities. The symptoms of tmj (including headaches, neck aches and even tooth sensitivity) commonly appear in those suffering from this disorder, in addition to the complications of constant jaw clicking or popping when opening or closing the mouth.

Your TMD Treatment Options

Every patient is different. Some TMD and TMJ treatments are as simple as muscle relaxants and aspirin, while others include biofeedback or wearing a small plastic appliance in the mouth during sleep. Correcting TMJ is a process of rehabilitation, and we encourage you to make a call to schedule a visit where your dentist serving Southington, Plantsville and Bristol can provide the best solutions.

Do You KNOW You Grind Your Teeth?

Not many people realize they grind their teeth at night; however, if you have noticed increasing tooth sensitivity to consuming hot or cold foods you may benefit from a trip to your local dentist. Teeth grinding is a serious condition that can adversely affect the teeth, gums and bone structure in the mouth.

  • Do your teeth appear worn down or smaller?
  • Does drinking hot or cold liquids cause tooth pain?
  • Are your teeth sensitive to temperature changes in the air?
  • Do you wake up with tired or sore jaw muscles?

Teeth grinding can keep you up at night, but it doesn’t have to run your life. Ask us for a consultation! Even a simple mouthguard or nightguard can make all the difference in keeping your teeth healthy and strong and you safely relaxed for a good night’s sleep.

Orthodontic Dental Care For TMJ

Some treatments for TMD resolve to correct more complex dental issues such as improperly aligned joints or a dislocated jaw. In more extreme cases there may be an arthritic condition of the jaw joint.