Cancel Policy

At Southington Dentistry we appreciate your patronage very much! There are many people who need dental treatment and unfortunately must wait weeks for an appointment. We have reserved an amount of time to do the best specifically for you. Sadly, we missed you at your appointment.

____ This is the FIRST appointment you have missed.

We understand unavoidable conflicts can happen, and we hope that it was not a serious emergency that kept you from your reserved time with us. There will be no charge for this broken appointment. Please call to reschedule your appointment with us if you have not done so already.

_X_ This is the SECOND appointment you have missed.

There will be a charge of $85.00. This charge must be paid before any further appointments with us can be rescheduled or made.

____ You have missed THREE OR MORE scheduled appointments.

In order to see and treat you we ask that you now prepay for your visits. If this continues to be a concern, we will unfortunately have to ask that you seek dental treatment elsewhere. So we can see patients who wish to get their dental work completed.

If you absolutely cannot keep your appointment, please give us a 3 days’ notice so we may offer that time to a deserving patient. Late cancellations are treated the same as a failed appointment. We appreciate your understanding!


Southington Dentistry staff