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Dental Emergencies in 06479

When you’re suffering with a toothache, whether it is mild at the moment or has become excruciating, you can depend on us at Southington Dentistry. When it comes to emergencies, we offer urgent care to ensure that you get prompt treatment from our 06479 dentist.

Most of the time, there are a few typical reasons for toothaches, though it is also possible that some may originate due to jaw problems or gum disease. Usually, it’s a breaching of the protective layers of a tooth that results in pain. Tooth decay due to dental plaque and tartar buildup can form a cavity in your tooth. Likewise, a tooth that already has a filling could end up with that filling falling out or simply loosening, thereby leaving open space to the inner tooth. Chips and cracks may also cause toothaches. The nerve inside, once exposed, can become irritated and that’s why you have pain. The bigger issue, though, is that the pulp right next to the nerve can become infected if bacteria gets inside the tooth. And the longer the barriers of your tooth are compromised, the more likely this is to happen. For that reason, in addition to the fact that you want relief, it is highly recommended that you do not wait to see our 06479 dentist for a toothache. We treat it as an emergency, and so should you. Do not attempt to wait it out or be “tough.” Whatever the appropriate treatment is, be it a new filling, a replacement for an older filling, a dental crown, or root canal therapy, our 06479 dentist will take care of it in a timely manner.

Keep our number programmed in all your phones, and call us right away when you have a toothache. There is no benefit to delaying care, but plenty of benefit to acting quickly.

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